Dry Foam is a proprietary cleaning solution made by Von Schrader Company, the oldest carpet cleaning company in the world. It employs their patented Air Cell Technology to clean carpets deeply and in just one pass. Dry Foam is safe for kids and pets. It is chemically designed so that any dry foam that gets left behind after cleaning dries into an ionically charged crystal that will repel dirt and keep your carpets cleaner longer.

How does it work?

The machine injects the dry foam into the carpet, carpet safe brushes then scrub the dirt loose, the dry foam encapsulates the soil and the machine then extracts it into the recovery tank. This system uses 10% of the water used by steam cleaning. The moisture is all suspended by the dry foam and thus never gets past the backing of your carpet, leaving your pad and subflooring dry. This means no mold or mildew can grow beneath your carpet, a frequent concern with steam cleaning. Your carpet will be dry and ready to use again in 2 to 4 hours.

How well does it clean carpets?

Well, I have been called a miracle worker by more customers than I can count! If you want a professional opinion from a neutral third party, Dupont tested several carpet cleaning methods several years ago and found dry foam cleaning will do just as good a job as steam. We clean restaurants, fire departments, medical clinics, you name it. If it can get the ash out of the fire department, the grease out of the restaurant, the blood out of the medical clinic, it can handle anything you, your kids, your pets or your 200 employees can dish out.


How Dry Foam makes your home healthier

With Scott’s Dry Foam, you never have to worry about mold, mildew or other harmful organisms growing under your carpet. The pad beneath your carpet is a spongy material, much like that used to grow cultures and bacteria in a laboratory. As any biology teacher can tell you, provide moisture to a spongy material in a dark, warm environment and you’ve got all the ingredients for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow. Because Dry Foam suspends most of the moisture in the foam due to its patented Air Cell Technology, none of that moisture gets past the backing of your carpet into the pad or sub flooring.


Sometimes you will need the pad beneath to be treated, like when you have pet stains and odors. In those cases, it’s even more important to use the Dry Foam method. We can inject a sanitizing enzyme treatment directly into the pad of your carpet that will sterilize the bacteria and get rid of the smell. If you give that area water, however, it will give the bacteria food to thrive off of and I’m sure you’ve probably smelled a pet stain odor get worse when it got wet during cleaning. That’s why.. with Dry Foam we don’t feed the problem, only our sterilizing techniques are applied. We can then clean the carpet normally without worry of moisture working at cross purposes to our pet odor removal.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Scott’s Dry Foam:

“Having a daughter with respiratory concerns, I was thrilled after using Scott’s Dry Foam. My carpets looked fantastic and dried in two hours, and the best part was it didn’t aggravate her asthma!”
– Erin Hernden, Poulsbo

“Scott does our rental properties and has saved carpets we thought would need to be replaced. Scott is a true professional and does great work.”
– Angela Barnes, Manager, Ridge Park Apartments, Bremerton

“High quality carpet cleaning for our high quality houses at a very reasonable price.”
– Metta-Lisa Leavens, Port Ludlow Associates