Scott’s Dry Foam is a family owned and locally operated company serving Kitsap, Mason and Jefferson Counties, as well as Gig Harbor since 2000. We do both Residential and Commercial carpets and are the only Green Seal Certified Kitsap carpet cleaner.



What Is Dry Foam?

Dry Foam is a proprietary cleaning solution made by Von Schrader Company, the oldest carpet cleaning company in the world. It employs their patented Air Cell Technology to clean carpets deeply and in just one pass. Dry Foam is safe for kids and pets. It is chemically designed so that any dry foam that gets left behind after cleaning dries into an ionically charged crystal that will repel dirt and keep your carpets cleaner longer.


How does it work?

The machine injects the dry foam into the carpet, carpet safe brushes then scrub the dirt loose, the dry foam encapsulates the soil and the machine then extracts it into the recovery tank. This system uses 10% of the water used by steam cleaning. The moisture is all suspended by the dry foam and thus never gets past the backing of your carpet, leaving your pad and subflooring dry. This means no mold or mildew can grow beneath your carpet, a frequent concern with steam cleaning. Your carpet will be dry and ready to use again in 2 to 4 hours. Read More about how Scott’s Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning works – Click Here

Upholstery Cleaning

Dry Foam is exceptionally good at upholstery cleaning, be it wet clean or dry clean upholstery. Our Air Cell technology suspends the moisture in the foam which means we don’t need to use solvents on dry clean only upholstery. No covering your fish bowl so the fish don’t die. No having to stay out of the home for hours until it’s safe to return

In fact, we’ve been referred by other Kitsap upholstery cleaners in the past to clean the really tough dry clean upholstery that they can’t.


Pet Stain Removal

We use an enzyme treatment to get stains out which sterilizes the bacteria that pet stains leave behind. We inject the enzyme treatment into the carpet and in two weeks the odor causing bacteria is gone. Since our system leaves the pad and floor beneath your carpet dry, we don’t supply the bacteria with the moisture it needs to thrive. Instead, we inject the enzyme treatment directly into the source, leaving your carpet clean and sanitary. Read more about pet stains – click here

Cars, Trucks, Boats, and RVs

We have extensive experience cleaning everything from pickup trucks to cruise ships. If we can clean a cruise ship, we can probably get your vehicle clean too.






Erin Hernden, Poulsbo “Having a daughter with respiratory concerns, I was thrilled after using Scott’s Dry Foam. My carpets looked fantastic and dried in two hours, and the best part was it didn’t aggravate her asthma!”
– Erin Hernden, Poulsbo






“High quality carpet cleaning for our high quality houses at a very reasonable price.”
– Metta-Lisa Leavens, Port Ludlow Associates





“Scott does our rental properties and has saved carpets we thought would need to be replaced. Scott is a true professional and does great work.”
– Angela Barnes, Manager, Parkridge Apartments, Bremerton